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Bitcoin transaction accelerator Free


Bitcoin transactions are processed by a network of computers, called nodes, that work together to validate and record transactions on the blockchain. The confirmation process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the network congestion and the fee associated with the transaction.

One of the main issues with the Bitcoin network is that the number of transactions that can be processed per block is limited. This means that during times of high traffic, transactions can become backlogged and take longer to be confirmed. Additionally, transactions with lower fees are often prioritized behind those with higher fees.

To address this issue, Bitcoin accelerator services have emerged as a solution to help speed up the confirmation process for transactions. These services are used to prioritize the user’s transaction and push it to the front of the queue for confirmation by the network’s nodes. This can be accomplished by either increasing the fee associated with the transaction or by using specialized software that is able to connect with a large number of nodes in the network.

One of the most popular Bitcoin accelerator services is the ViaBTC Transaction Accelerator. This service is free to use and allows users to submit their transaction ID and wait for it to be confirmed in a faster time frame. Other Free service like is also offered for transaction acceleration.

It’s important to note that while using a BTC accelerator service can increase the chances of a transaction being confirmed quickly, it is not guaranteed. Additionally, some services may require a fee for the service, so it’s important to research the different options that are available and compare the costs and effectiveness.

Another alternative to speed up confirmation time is the adoption of layer 2 scaling solutions like the Lightning Network, which allows channels to be opened between two parties and transactions to be made off-chain, this way the transactions are not broadcasted to the whole network and they can be confirmed instantly.

In conclusion, Bitcoin accelerator services are a solution that can help speed up the confirmation process for Bitcoin transactions. They can be especially useful for those who need their transactions to be confirmed quickly, such as merchants or individuals making large transactions. However, it’s important to research the different options that are available and compare the costs and effectiveness, also consider alternative solutions like the Lightning Network that is being adopted.

What we can (and can’t) do for you in terms of Bitcoin and Blockchain.



The amount of emails we get requesting assistance with bitcoin transactions has progressively climbed to over 50 per day since we launched roughly a year ago. Many of them are asking for assistance with blocked transactions, which are still unconfirmed despite the use of transaction accelerator to speed them up (for free). So, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. The blockchain is not our property.

It’d be great if we did…but we don’t. The blockchain is decentralized by design, which means that no one individual, government, or private company has control over how it is used, functions, or what occurs on it. We only have a few nodes linked to the blockchain, similar to how you most likely have a few computers connected to the Internet. You have access to it, but you do not own it. So, what does this imply for us? It implies we can’t make anything unnatural happen, like miraculously clearing a blocked transaction in the mempool for two weeks because you paid bitcoin to Coinbase at 5 sat/byte miner fees. Indeed, the great majority of the emails we get include phrases like:

Could you help confirm the transaction I submitted last week? In my wallet, it still says unverified, and I believe this website is a fraud.

Really? Despite this, in the blockchain explorer, you can see that you transmitted the equivalent of $500 with nearly no costs! Unfortunately, this implies that no one can aid you in this situation (or at least not free of charge). We didn’t charge you anything or show you any adverts, so it’s not a fraud. Indeed, our free service is the best attempt to replay your transaction with no assurances of success. Now, if your transaction has been dropped from the mempool, our bitcoin accelerator will assist you in bringing it back to life, but we can’t compel miners to confirm your transaction since we don’t control the blockchain (at least not at the time of writing).

2. This isn’t a developer help forum.
Another popular request is for assistance with debugging your blockchain applications. We’re just too busy creating our own to become the official support forum for the blockchain! Please don’t send us emails with hundreds of screenshots asking for assistance debugging your code since we won’t be able to provide you with any meaningful information. There are several sites available to assist you in repairing your faulty scripts, including We propose that you seek assistance there. Members of that forum also provide us with suggestions.

3. We’re ad-free for the time being.
The second most popular request we get is for advertising space. We provide a free service that will remain free indefinitely. We may be obliged to advertise if we don’t feel like paying the fees or operating BTC ACCELERATOR any longer. However, we can assure you that it will not be for your pr0n or gaming website. We’ll only connect to high-quality bitcoin and blockchain-related service providers.

This is the end of my rant! Bitcoin, blockchain, and our users are all things we adore. We’re always here to assist you in speeding up your transactions by utilizing the tools on the webpage, but before you write us, think about what you’re asking for. Some things are just impossible to do.

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3 scams to Avoid in Bitcoin Transactions.



With the price of Bitcoin (BTC) increasing dramatically in recent months (at the time of writing) and the blockchain network busier than ever, thieves, con artists, and fraudsters are all profiting from the boom. In this post, we’ll look at the top three Bitcoin scams currently being perpetrated and how to prevent being a victim for btc transaction accelerator.

Why Does This Occur?

Even though Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been available for well over a decade, they have only recently been widely known. Many middle-aged moms and pop types are getting interested in them for their profit potential. Bitcoin demand and price have been fueled by stories of friends earning large profits by purchasing and selling cryptocurrency. As with every gold rush, there is a negative in the shape of unscrupulous actors looking for a quick buck via more illicit ways. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, this typically refers to a case of theft or fraud. A few significant strategies widely employed by certain nefarious persons online have come to light in the previous 18 months.

Generators of Fake QR Codes

When sharing a Bitcoin wallet address with someone, it’s typical to utilize a QR code. Trying to memorize up to 35 strange characters and digits isn’t appealing to anybody, and a single typo in the address might result in your crypto being gone forever. Instead, the consumer scans your QR code with their mobile wallet software, which quickly converts it to your real address; however, you must first build that QR code to share with your friends or customers.

While numerous good web tools may make this chore easier, there are also dangerous ones. Instead of providing a legal QR code for your website, these rogue websites generate the identical code every time, which goes to the tricker’s wallet. It’s a simple but efficient method for them to take the currency supposed to be sent to you instead.

The fraudster is known to run nine different websites, which you should avoid. We’ve also written to the web hosting business responsible for these sites, requesting that they be taken down, which may or may not have occurred by the time you see this: \ \ \ \

The same web provider also hosted almost 450 additional websites, all of which were being utilized for questionable bitcoin-related schemes like bitcoin casinos (which never payout). Other domains included Google Mail, covid-19, and a slew of others. However, a huge number of them seem to be inactive at the moment.

Accelerators for Bitcoin Transactions
The second scam is a network of websites claiming to be btc transaction accelerator. This usually occurs when someone uses a low mining fee to transmit bitcoins elsewhere (or is waiting to receive bitcoin from somewhere else). The blockchain mining pools will not execute your transaction since the fee is lower than the fee for other transactions that are currently pending. This implies that your transaction becomes stuck or delayed when waiting for confirmations as part of your bitcoin transaction. Bitcoin transactions may seem blocked on the network when the blockchain becomes overburdened.

While there is a handful that function, there are also a lot of fakes. They take your TXID (transaction ID) and ask you to transmit a little bitcoin to a wallet address – nothing happens after that, and they retain your money. When this occurs, using a bitcoin transaction accelerator may be beneficial.

a bogus bitcoin accelerator

The most popular ones we discovered on the network are listed below. Some have already been taken, but the first was still active in writing. Please do not transfer any bitcoin to them! One way to test this is to input any random TXID, or even make one up, and it will read ‘transaction discovered,’ which is impossible since the transaction likely never occurred in the first place.

The wallet addresses for the four ‘transaction accelerators’ are likewise identical. Another strategy to avoid being a victim is to do the following:


The fact that so many people appear to have fallen for it is maybe the most astonishing part. Especially because it has already received a lot of attention. Since January 2018, the wallet has received nearly $246,00! See the report: Link to a Scam Alert for additional details.

Suppose you want to speed up your bitcoin transaction. In that case, our bitcoin transaction accelerator will perform admirably, often lowering the time spent waiting in the mempool (the holding queue) from days to hours or minutes. There are others as well – bit accelerate uses a similar approach. Still, if you look at the network console window in Google Chrome, you’ll discover that at least 5 of the 10 nodes they utilize are no longer operational… Even the blockchain testnet is being used to rebroadcast your TXID! (which is for development purposes only and won’t do anything to help you here). ViaBTC is another alternative. However, BTC Accelerators already contains this server. We utilize at least 10 nodes to speed up your transaction, including our private blockchain nodes if any of the public ones fail.

Thieves of Wallets

The last scam I’ve seen lately is crookedly attempting to steal your whole bitcoin wallet’s contents. They do this by promising to assist in speeding up your delayed transaction (typically on forums), which might be beneficial for the same reasons I mentioned before. They then inform you that all they require is the seed keywords to your wallet to speed up your transaction for free. NEVER, EVER, Anyone with one of them may easily access your wallet from anywhere by restoring a local duplicate of it before emptying it into their bitcoin wallets, from which you’ll never get it back. This scam irritates me the most since some individuals have lost tens of thousands of dollars in cryptocurrencies due to it. It’s a sad moment.

That concludes my overview of the three most prevalent scams and how to prevent them. If you find this information interesting or useful, please share it with your friends! If I can spare even one person from spending bitcoin just to have it stolen, it was well worth my effort to write this for you.

Bitcoin transaction accelerator – Does it really work ?



Most systems need at least 20 confirmations for a transaction to be considered complete, and Bitcoin transaction  used to take an average of 10 minutes to be validated. However, this is no longer the case. The time it takes for a transaction to be verified is increasing due to increased trade volumes and miners anticipating higher fees. In recent days, the confirmation timeframe has sped up from a few hours to even a few days. This has left customers in a bind since the stuck bitcoin transaction is completed, the Cryptocurrency’s price will have altered. Here’s when a Bitcoin transaction accelerator comes in handy. A BTC accelerator may be useful in broadcasting your transaction several times to numerous parties to quickly confirm your blocked transaction.

However, there is a potential that your transaction may take a little longer owing to factors such as:

Low blockchain transaction fee: If your transaction cost is low, your transaction’s priority on the network is similarly low. It may take longer for it to be attended to and confirmed since miners prioritize transactions with larger fees.

Overburdened network: Some blockchain networks execute transactions in milliseconds. On the other hand, the Bitcoin blockchain is slower and cannot handle a large number of transactions. As a result, the network becomes sluggish when the blockchain has too many transactions.

When confirmation delays occur, it might take anything from one day to more than a week for the transaction to be reported as complete. In such circumstances, you can wait it out or use a bitcoin transaction accelerator, also known as a BTC accelerator, to speed up the procedure.

If you opt to wait, your transaction may be verified, or it may expire, resulting in the return of your bitcoins to your wallet.

bitcoin transaction accelerator come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

1. Accelerators for mining pools

Some BTC mining pools charge a fee for premium services that allow you to prioritize your transactions. However, that mining pool’s ability to confirm your transaction is restricted to the pool’s capacity to confirm a block on the blockchain.

And, since most BTC mining pools only have a tiny proportion of the total hash rate, your transaction would still take a few hours to be validated. For example, a block would take 100 minutes to mine if a mining pool had a 10% hash rate. If the hash rate is %, it will take a pool 200 minutes to mine a block, and so on.

ViaBTC pool, PushTX, and are examples of BTC mining pools that provide premium services.

2. Accelerators from other parties

These are third-party service providers that may speed up the completion of your bitcoin transaction by re-broadcasting it in a mining pool if the mining pool drops it. and are two examples of such service providers.

What is the best way to utilize a BTC accelerator?

There are two types of Bitcoin transaction accelerators: free and premium accelerators.

There is no need to join up for the free BTC accelerators. You only need to provide the transaction ID (TXID) of your delayed BTC transfer. Because most free BTC transaction accelerators have an hourly limit on the number of free transactions they can accelerate, you may be compelled to resubmit your transaction’s TXID after one hour if the limit has been met. ViaBTC, for example, is a premium BTC accelerator that can free up to 100 transactions per hour. PROVENANCE, for example, is a BTC accelerator as a service that will act on your behalf to submit your HASH to a variety of third-party services while simultaneously paying miners to prioritize your transaction. You must sign up for the paid BTC accelerators and pay a charge, which is usually debited from the wallet you authorize.

Bitcoin accelerator for unconfirmed transaction.



The time it takes to move bitcoin from one wallet to another is one of the most frustrating aspects of the currency. It is up to the miners to pick up and confirm a transaction. There’s a strong chance that if the miner fee is set too low, no miner will be prepared to pick up the transaction. Furthermore, a confirmation occurs only when many block confirmations are submitted. To confirm a transaction and reflect it properly, most exchanges need roughly 20 confirmations. It will appear as ‘Un-confirmed’ till then. A Bitcoin Accelerator comes in helpful in this situation. The amount of transactions on the Bitcoin network has increased dramatically over the years, implying that more and more blocks are filling up on the network. Because all transactions cannot be put to the blockchain simultaneously, a “mempool,” also known as a “transaction queue,” is created.

Most users are frustrated by excessive wait times and are concerned about losing money. A transaction with a lesser cost must usually proceed to the “mempool,” where confirmation might take many hours, days, or even months. A BTC Accelerator is used to speed up the process and confirm transactions.

What are Bitcoin Accelerators, and how do they work?

Bitcoin Accelerator is a service provided by mining pools to speed up the transaction confirmation process. “Mining Pool Accelerators” and “Third Party Accelerators” are two different forms of Bitcoin Accelerators. They normally charge a fee to prioritize your transaction and move it to the top of their mining list, making the transaction confirmation procedure quicker.

Accelerators for Mining Pools

Bitcoin transaction accelerator is a service that offers in collaboration with several mining pools. It has the potential to confirm your transaction within three hours. This Bitcoin accelerator promises a full refund to your card within 15 days if the transaction is not verified within 12 hours. The fee is calculated depending on the magnitude of the transaction. BCH or fiat currencies may be used to pay the charge.
Many people prefer over another Bitcoin transaction accelerator. To confirm a stuck transaction, the team behind this service employs several ways. They also pay miners to confirm blocks and send the HASH to other 3rd party services to speed up the process.
ViaBTC is yet another Bitcoin accelerator service that prioritizes customer transactions for the ViaBTC pool’s next mined blocks. It does not charge a fee for speeding up your transactions, making it the most extensively used Bitcoin Accelerator, since the number of submission requests per hour usually exceeds 100. ViaBTC, on the other hand, only requires a transaction fee of 10 sat/B. If you see the notification “Submissions have reached their limit,” your submissions have reached their limit. Please try again later,” you’ll have to wait till the following hour to submit the transaction.
PushTX-Poolin is also a Bitcoin accelerator that may be used to validate unconfirmed transactions in as little as 12 minutes on average.

Third-Party Accelerators (Third-Party Accelerators)

Other “extra” services offer to assist you in speeding up your transactions and have them verified. However, re-broadcasting your transactions is required for them to have a transaction completed. Third-party accelerators aren’t mining pools in and of themselves; they simply re-broadcast your transactions over several nodes. The Bitcoin Core clients have already re-broadcast the transactions. Therefore a third-party Bitcoin accelerator is seldom required. “Transaction accelerators that aren’t mining pools themselves aren’t truly helping to get a transaction verified quicker,” it is said.

Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator is a free service that speeds up the confirmation of transactions. Your transactions are re-broadcast across 10 public and private nodes.
BitAccelerate is yet another free Bitcoin accelerator that re-broadcasts transactions over many private and public nodes.

Why bitcoin transaction get stuck?


Fewer confirmations are one of the most common causes of stalled Bitcoin transactions. As we all know, once a transaction is started, several miners are required to confirm it. It will be recorded as a successful transaction on the Blockchain ledger. Many times, if the miner fee you provide is not competitive, there will be insufficient miners to fill the void. As a result, your transaction may take anything from a few hours to a few days to complete. If you need your transaction verified right away, you’ll need to employ a BTC Accelerator.

“BTC transaction Accelerator” is a one-of-a-kind solution for Bitcoin fans looking to speed up their transactions. It’s a multi-purpose gadget that won’t let you down. It is also reasonably priced and simple to use. As a result, Bitcoin Accelerator isn’t simply a tool for programmers; it’s a tool for everyone. We’ll start with the fundamentals and work our way to more complex solutions.

Bitcoin Accelerator‘s Basic Function:

The speed up transaction operates on the premise of producing new blocks for previously completed transactions. The notion is that if an existing transaction is discovered to be changed, it will be replayed on top of earlier transactions. Because Bitcoin’s performance is greatly reliant on network speed, it will not be difficult for additional transactions to begin. As a result, the transaction will not need to be redone.

A Bitcoin transaction is sent every 10 minutes with the aim of further automation. However, to increase the number of transactions, one must pay the price. The Bitcoin Accelerator serves as a go-between for individuals looking for a performance increase in their transactions. All you have to do now is choose a transaction and then hit “calculate.”

When you click “submit,” the system will begin calculating the total amount of fees debited from your Bitcoin wallet. It will show you the entire sum of costs, and when you choose the transaction you wish to speed up, it will begin adding the fees to your Bitcoin wallet right away. It will also tell you how much the costs will be split amongst the parties involved in your transaction. All you have to do now is add the charge and hit “calculate” again.

And there you have it! That is all there is to it. It’s all ready for you to begin transacting right now. Once the total amount has been calculated, you must add the fees and begin the transaction. In rare circumstances, the Bitcoin network must also be accelerated. This is where the Quick Accelerator program comes in.