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BTC Accelerator
BTC AcceleratorBitcoin

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Step 1 : Please send EXACTLY 980 worth of TRX ( TRON ) to this Address:

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Just got Accelerated successfully! Transaction details:

How the BTC transaction accelerator works?

Enter Transaction Hash

Copy and Paste the hash of the transaction you want to rebroadcast.

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Pay Acceleration Fee

To speed up the transaction, the network determines an acceleration fee. Pay it to speed up the transaction. ( 100% Refund on job not completed )

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Transaction is accelerated

Your transaction is pumped to the Top of the queue through our private nodes for acceleration.

We rebroadcast the transaction for the fastest confirmation time.

Bitcoin Accelerator

Latest Blocks

Block Height Block Time Reward(BTC) Block Size(B) Tx Count Block Hash
570458 03 minutes ago BTC.TOP 12.50031285 13,743 85 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c76
570459 08 minutes ago Unknown 12.50031275 83,743 156 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c67
570460 14 minutes ago AntPool 12.50031265 3,743 112 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c66
570461 24 minutes ago ViaBTC 12.50031260 43,743 345 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c13
570462 40 minutes ago Unknown 12.50031250 20,743 456 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c76
570463 54 minutes ago BTC.com 12.50031285 13,743 40 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c78
570464 1 hour 14 minutes ago BTC.TOP 12.50031245 3,743 158 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c76
570465 14 minutes ago BTC.TOP 12.50031232 54,743 46 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c90
570467 1 hour 32 minutes ago Bitcoin.com 12.50031228 4,743 23 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c16
570466 2 hours 10 minutes ago BTC.com 12.50031215 70986 235 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c24

Network Statistics

Network Hashrate
Network Difficulty
Profit per TH/s 0.000513859 BCH /1T/ Day ≈ $0.16
Current best transaction fees 0.00001 BCH/KB
Pending Transaction
Pending Transaction Size 16.57 K
24h Tx Volume 21102 txs
24h Tx Rate 0.24 txs/s

Global Market

CoinEx BCH/USD $144.97
Coinbase BCH/USD $144.93
Bitfinex BCH/USD $144.87
Bithumb BCH/USD $144.90

Network Hashrate Distribution

Hashrate Ratio Block Mined
570458 308.23 PH/s 10% 13
570459 236.31 PH/s 30.6% 12
570460 215.76 PH/s 13% 30
570461 174.66 PH/s 15.7% 10
570462 104.66 PH/s 20% 16
570463 102.66 PH/s 40.3% 25
570464 274.41 PH/s 12% 10

What Community Says

Victor Sterling

My transaction is now sitting at 4/6 confirmations after talking to André. btcaccelerators.com is for real! He was so helpful and explained everything, really going above and beyond.

Tanna Stokes

Don't think twice before you use this service! Will use this service again.

Andrew Lott

I was skeptical at first after I lost money on another service. but after my transactions went through, thanks to these guys. I will come back.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes our transaction accelerator the top choice when compared to others?+
We distinguish ourselves through a track record of serving over 5,000 customers worldwide. We take pride in being the sole service offering live chat support and in-depth analysis to our clients, providing them with a transparent understanding of their transactions and strategies to prevent similar issues in the future. Furthermore, we are committed to guiding our clients through each step of the transaction process until confirmation. Our team includes skilled engineers who operate a top-notch mining pool, and our customer assistance service is renowned in the crypto world, as evidenced by our client feedback on Trustpilot. These factors collectively position us as the premier choice in the field, in stark contrast to other services that rely solely on ticket-based support, often leading to lengthy response times or even no response at all.
2. What is a bitcoin transaction accelerator?+
A Bitcoin transaction accelerator is a service that helps expedite the confirmation of Bitcoin transactions by prioritizing them in the blockchain network, reducing the time it takes for transactions to be included in a block. It's particularly useful when the Bitcoin network is congested, ensuring quicker transaction processing.
3. Why does it take so long for a bitcoin transaction to be confirmed? +
Bitcoin transactions can take time to be confirmed due to network congestion and the decentralized nature of the blockchain. When the network experiences high demand, there's a limited amount of space in each block to include transactions. Miners select transactions with higher fees, leaving others in the queue. This competition for block space can lead to delays in confirmation, especially if the transaction fee is low.
4. When can I use a btc accelerator?+
You can use a BTC accelerator when your Bitcoin transaction is stuck and experiencing delays in confirmation. Accelerators are particularly helpful during periods of high network congestion. They prioritize your transaction by including it in a block sooner, ensuring faster confirmation times.
5. Can I cancel my acceleration request?+
Once you've submitted a transaction acceleration request to the mining pool, it becomes non-cancelable, and the service does not provide refunds for such requests. However, if the transaction is not confirmed within a maximum of 24 hours, you will be eligible for a refund.
6. Once I use a transaction accelerator, how quickly will my transaction be confirmed?+
After employing a transaction accelerator, the time required for your transaction's confirmation can differ due to various considerations. We collaborate with prominent mining pools, and once these pools successfully mine the subsequent block, your transaction will be confirmed.
This process usually takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours in most scenarios.

It's important to note that while accelerators are designed to expedite confirmations, they cannot provide a precise timeframe due to fluctuating network conditions, transaction fees, and other factors. Generally, accelerators enhance the probability of quicker confirmation by prioritizing your transaction in the queue.
7. What is the fee for using the BTC Accelerator?+
Please input your TxID and select "Check" to receive a personalized cost estimate for your transaction.
8. What is a Transaction ID (TxID) and how do I locate it?+
A Transaction ID (TxID), also referred to as a transaction hash, is a distinctive combination of letters and numbers that identifies a cryptocurrency transaction on the blockchain. This ID enables you to monitor, verify, and confirm transaction status. To find a Bitcoin transaction's TxID:

1. Go to the exchange or wallet where you initiated the transaction.
2. Navigate to your profile or transaction history page.
3. Locate the specific transaction and access its details.
4. Look for the "transaction ID" or "TxID," an alphanumeric code.
5. To access more information about the transaction, like sender and receiver addresses, amounts, fees, and confirmations, copy the TxID and input it into a Bitcoin blockchain explorer.
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