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BTC Accelerator
BTC AcceleratorBitcoin

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Just got Accelerated successfully! Transaction details:

How the BTC transaction accelerator works?

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To speed up the transaction, the network determines an acceleration fee. Pay it to speed up the transaction. ( 100% Refund on job not completed )

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Bitcoin Accelerator

Latest Blocks

Block Height Block Time Reward(BTC) Block Size(B) Tx Count Block Hash
570458 03 minutes ago BTC.TOP 12.50031285 13,743 85 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c76
570459 08 minutes ago Unknown 12.50031275 83,743 156 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c67
570460 14 minutes ago AntPool 12.50031265 3,743 112 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c66
570461 24 minutes ago ViaBTC 12.50031260 43,743 345 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c13
570462 40 minutes ago Unknown 12.50031250 20,743 456 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c76
570463 54 minutes ago BTC.com 12.50031285 13,743 40 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c78
570464 1 hour 14 minutes ago BTC.TOP 12.50031245 3,743 158 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c76
570465 14 minutes ago BTC.TOP 12.50031232 54,743 46 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c90
570467 1 hour 32 minutes ago Bitcoin.com 12.50031228 4,743 23 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c16
570466 2 hours 10 minutes ago BTC.com 12.50031215 70986 235 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c24

Network Statistics

Network Hashrate
Network Difficulty
Profit per TH/s 0.000513859 BCH /1T/ Day ≈ $0.16
Current best transaction fees 0.00001 BCH/KB
Pending Transaction
Pending Transaction Size 16.57 K
24h Tx Volume 21102 txs
24h Tx Rate 0.24 txs/s

Global Market

CoinEx BCH/USD $144.97
Coinbase BCH/USD $144.93
Bitfinex BCH/USD $144.87
Bithumb BCH/USD $144.90

Network Hashrate Distribution

Hashrate Ratio Block Mined
570458 308.23 PH/s 10% 13
570459 236.31 PH/s 30.6% 12
570460 215.76 PH/s 13% 30
570461 174.66 PH/s 15.7% 10
570462 104.66 PH/s 20% 16
570463 102.66 PH/s 40.3% 25
570464 274.41 PH/s 12% 10

What Community Says

Thomas Stock

I must say this, BTC Accelerator is an amazing service. it speeded up three of my transactions that were stuck for more than 48 hours on one of the worst days.

Serenity Hughes

Don't think twice before you use this service! Will use this service again.

Jaxon Clarke

I was skeptical at first after I lost money on another service. but after my transactions went through, thanks to these guys. I will come back.

Industry News


Published On: 06-05-2023, 08:17 AM IST

Africa has been one of the continents to capitalize on the growing crypto trend. After the pandemic, the continent has seen a tremendous increase in crypto investments.

Africans turn to crypto assets to combat inflation, foreign exchange policies, and capital controls.

Peer-to-peer trading platforms like Paxful experienced a surge in Africa through pandemic

Bitcoin is used as a vehicle for savings and remittances i.e the money sent by migrant workers to family back home.in growing economies like Africa.

The Nigerian Federal High Court joins the growing list of regulators across the globe to approve the rollout of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) as a legal tender. Named eNaira, the digital currency will be issued by the central bank and supported by a homegrown eNaira wallet.

The digital currency eNaira will be made universal and can be held by anyone.

Singapore is among the crypto friendliest nations. Singapore is one of the first countries to legalize Bitcoin and considers it as goods and an alternate investment.

El Salvador became the first in the world to officially accept Bitcoin as its currency along with the U.S dollar. Ukraine parliament passed a law legalizing and regulating bitcoin.

El SALVADOR believes this shift, will attract entrepreneurs and investors with a cryptocurrency to invest it in the country. The country also hopes that many countries will follow this path. Allowing widespread acceptance of bitcoin.

In Brazil companies like VISA are integrating crypto investments into traditional banking sectors. Panama is looking to draft a cryptocurrency law of its own.

Amidst all this CUBA has passed regulations to legalize cryptocurrencies.

The country’s central bank now recognizes cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum as legal investments.

Now Zimbabwe considers adopting Bitcoin as legal tender. Legal tender means legally accepted money like banknotes which should be accepted as a mode of payment.

Many organizations now contribute to charities through bitcoin and other Altcoins

Transactions get stuck because the transaction fee is small. Unless transaction volumes decrease, a transaction with a lower fee attached may not get confirmed

And the funds won’t reach their intended destination. This can be solved by BTC accelerator services.

All Bitcoin transactions are open source. BTC Accelerator keeps the network secure and ensures data remains accurate.

It takes higher computing power and analytics to go through the data. Bitcoin accelerator services help in accelerating the transaction.

The memory pool is full of unconfirmed transactions, miners will pick the ones that have the highest transaction fee.

users whose transactions have low fees will have to wait till their transaction gets picked up.

Bitcoin accelerator services will try to provide enough fees for the miners to pick transaction up from the memory pool and confirm it.

Zimbabwe’s government is considering utilizing Bitcoin (BTC) as a legal payments option to meet growing demand and harness the technology,

The government of Zimbabwe has accepted the digital economy framework as part of the National Development Strategy. To address the developing interest of the digital economy.

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